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Liya Eyelash Growth Serum Wholesale


1.Repair damaged eyelashes, awaken hair follicles, make eyelashes stronger and harder to fall off.


2.After use, make the eyelashes longer and thicker, slender, curved, jet black, flashing and full of vitality, and can set off the outline of the eyes and add the charm of the eyes. Black and bright, slightly upturned are beautiful, especially one of the important modified parts of the female face.


Eyelash Growth Liquid is a kind of eyelash care product that can promote the growth of eyelashes and make them long and thick.
Effectively and fully supplement eyelash nutrition, prolong the life of eyelashes, and keep eyelashes growing thick.
Zero hormones, natural growth protects the eyes from stinging.


How to use?


1.Keep eyelashes dry before use.
2.Eyes closed, use the brush to gently apply evenly on the roots, back and forth 2~3 times.
3.Open your eyes and apply lightly on the roots of the eyelashes underneath. 
4.Do not apply to the eyelids or around the eye area. If you accidentally apply it, wipe it off with a tissue or towel.

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