knowing your hair color dyes and color care hair treatments

by:Liya     2020-03-27
So far, there are 10 levels of hair color.
From the darkest to the brightest, from black to light white gold.
Depending on your hair type and hair type selection, you can also choose a different type of hair dye.
It\'s worth knowing these things because the right hair treatments will determine the look and health of your hairstyling.
You can apply 5 dyes to your hair.
The first is permanent.
Products under this type provide full coverage.
It uses compounds of peroxide and ammonia.
Improper use of permanent hair dye can cause skin irritation or minor burns, so please make sure you get help at a professional hair salon in New Tampa.
The maintenance of permanent hair dye is quite easy.
Once your roots begin to show up, keep your hair color permanent by color correction treatment.
Try the color that Paul Mitchell offers conditioning and shine.
Try Paul Mitchell\'s shampoo, conditioner and spray color protection line for maintenance.
The second hair dye is halfpermanent.
No oxide; only ammonia.
It has a developer compound that makes the color last longer.
To make it last longer. Demi-
The third type of permanent dye uses a small amount of peroxide with little or no ammonia.
It also has a slow fading effect, which is a good thing because you can avoid the dividing line on your hair. The semi-
Temporary and temporary ammonia content is the least. The semi-
Commitment to temporary dyeing three-
Almost no harm to your hair.
It lasts about 1 to 4 weeks depending on your shampoo frequency.
Of course, the last one is the easiest to rinse.
It only lasts for a day or two and is no threat to your hair, so if you are the kind of person who often changes the color of your hair when changing clothes, that\'s the way we\'re going.
Now, stripes, highlights, and low lights can be achieved during color correction.
Highlights enhance your hairstyle by adding textures and sizes.
Because it adds depth, stripes and low lights make the hair color look more natural.
Getting colors and haircuts at the same time may be just tunes-
You need to improve your overall image.
In order for all of these colors to last longer, regular color treatments and hair treatments should be performed on the hair.
Investing in color care products is a cost
An effective way to keep your hair healthy and fresh
Nice hairstyle
After the hair color is processed, moisture and light Ze usually disappear, which is why it is important to recuperate the hair regularly.
Paul Mitchell\'s color treatment product range and TIGI\'s color product range
Professional hair stylists highly recommend friendly styling tools.
It\'s not bad to indulge your appearance occasionally.
Why not try other hair treatments like extension or full hair spa when you\'re in New Tampa\'s favorite hair salon.
When you wait for your hair to start, why not fix your nails or feet well?
Replenish it with eyebrow waxing treatment to bring a fresh new look.
Pure hair and nails in FL New Tampa provide all of these hair and body treatments from hair style, color, nail art, pedicure, waxing, makeup
And complete makeupovers.
They also work with the most reliable and high-quality hair products on the market today.
List a date and try it yourself.
They also serve wire grass and Wesley Church.
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