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Do you have dandruff?

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Dandruff on the hair is normally seborrheic dermatitis, generally accompanied by a scratchy scalp, which often tends to be greasy.





Dandruff is triggered by interrupting the environmental equilibrium of the scalp.


In fact, a healthy scalp ecological community is preserved through three main equilibriums: the equilibrium of oils, plants, and also metabolic processes.




When sebum secretion is out of balance, the scalp becomes greasy as well as oily. The vegetation in the scalp is not well balanced, hazardous microorganisms multiply, and also itching. If the scalp can not metabolize the stratum corneum as well quickly, dandruff will develop.


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The root causes of out of balance sebum secretion are:


Inappropriate diet regimen and bothersome food;

Absence of sleep, tiredness;

Stomach diseases;

Out of balance nourishment or absence of vitamins;

Endocrine disorder.



Exactly how to do it?


Firstly, control your diet regimen, attempt to eat fewer sweets, greasy, hot, and also other bothersome foods; eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement adequate vitamins.


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Second, maintain enough rest to avoid excessive mental stress and anxiety as well as anxiety.


Third, seborrheic dermatitis can normally be treated with topical drugs: selenium disulfide lotion, ketoconazole lotion; in severe instances, oral medicines: antifungal drugs, vitamins, anti-biotics, etc., it is best to consult a specialist for treatment Clinical advice.



In addition, using anti-dandruff nourishing shampoo can also relieve the symptoms:


Contains high-molecular silicone essence and repairing multivitamins and other nutrients, which can fully penetrate and nourish the hair and reduce dandruff.





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