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Everything You Should Know About Perfume

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What is perfume?


The word perfume is derived from the Latin word par+fumum (coming from smoke). The most primitive use of perfume (perfume) is to reward gods and make offerings.



How to classify perfume?



A. Fragrance concentration


1. eau de cologne (EDC)

2. eau de toilette (EDT) 

3. eau de parfum (EDP)



B. Perfume fragrance


1. Top Note: mostly floral

2. Middle Note: mostly floral and woody

3. Low Note: Woody



C.  Seven basic perfume series in the perfume world



1. Floral


It is the most popular fragrance among women. Except for the strong fragrance of rose and jasmine, the others are very elegant.


2. Green


This is a more stimulating and brighter green grass fragrance than the fragrance-floral series. The fragrance of tender grass, fern, algae, and citrus creates a cool feeling of green grass. It is one of the most popular fragrances in the 1990s. This flavor is relatively volatile, so it is mostly used for outdoor sports.


3. Chypre


Xupuhe perfume is one of the oldest perfumes in the world. According to legend, it was brought back from the island of Cyprus during the European Crusade. The fragrance of this perfume is dry, calm and fascinating.


4. Modern ,Aldehype


This series of flavors was discovered at the end of the nineteenth century and is extracted from alcohol and some special plants through artificial synthesis. Therefore, it provides a slightly avant-garde floral fragrance that is not available in nature. If combined with the natural floral fragrance series, it can often produce a surprising effect.


5. Oriental



The aroma is strong, stimulating, and long-lasting, with a typical oriental charm. The ingredients of musk, ambergris, vanilla and sandalwood are relatively high, so it is suitable for evening use, giving people a hazy, noble, elegant, and mysterious temperament.


6. Tobacco/Leather


With the aroma of tobacco and leather, it is mostly used by men.


How to use perfume?



You will often hear the factor that people encourage you to spray perfume on the pulse point. This is a good factor: your pulse point is where the blood vessels are closest to the skin, so the temperature will definitely rise from. Warmth will undoubtedly evaporate the aroma molecules and release the aroma into the air around you.



Pulse points include the wrist, inside the forearm, and the neck. However, you can also consider spraying perfume on the back of your ears, hair and knees. Directly, I like a little bit more, either by spraying the area in front of and behind me, or walking into the fragrant mist, as a finishing touch, and can also make more money.



Note: After spraying perfume, you may want to scrub your wrist or application area, but don't do it. Scrubbing creates friction and warmth, which may cause the perfume to decompose prematurely, thereby shortening its life expectancy on the skin. Spray and allow it to dry normally.


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