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Hair Bleaching Powder White Hair Color Hair Colour Powder

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HAIRDRESSING: How To Bleach Hair?



If you have dark hair, but you want to dye it blond, bleaching powder is your best choice.

Bleaching powder is a powerful product that can quickly and significantly change the color of the hair.


1. How does bleach work?


* Hair bleach is made by mixing two products

* Bleaching powder-light colored compound powder

* Hydrogen peroxide-hydrogen peroxide compound


This is why the bleach enters the hair shaft cortex, where it oxidizes melanin and creates your natural hair color.


2. The Degree And Tone Of The Hair



All hair, from black to the lightest blonde, is somewhere in the International Shading Code (ICC) rating system.

Black hair is usually defined as level one, and the white blonde is defined as level 10.


Your natural hair color contains a basic pigment under the hair color you actually see, which helps to darken your hair color and make it look darker.

In blond hair, this basic pigment is any color from pale yellow to golden orange. However, black hair has a deep, dark red foundation.


3. Base tone



When your hair is bleached, the visible shade will be removed, revealing the undertone of the hair. You can estimate how much lighter your hair actually is by observing the undertone you actually achieve.


Before you choose to bleach your hair, I think you need to consider the following factors:


(1)How much lighter are you going to make your hair?


(2)Has your hair been dyed before?


For a new color that requires 2-3 levels of brightness, you usually have the ability to use 30 or 40 rolls of dyeing to achieve this effect, which is enough to make your hair dyed before, and not the first depth.


However, the dyed hair will definitely have more than ten thousand strands, and various other products are needed, such as hair dye and bleach.


Basically, if you only need 2-3 grades of hair coloring, then pure natural hair is a good coloring prospect.

For visibly light, very dark, or previously dyed hair, bleaching is usually necessary.


4. Prepare hair for bleaching



Before bleaching your hair, you must have a goal that combines the depth of the hair and the lifting capacity of different hydrogen peroxide concentrations to calculate how high you can reach.

This will help you avoid mistakes when using the product and will not have unrealistic expectations.


Prepare bleach, you need:


1. It is more accurate than an ordinary hair color mixing bowl and dyeing brush.


2. Mix the bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide at a ratio of 1:1.


3. Continue to use gloves throughout the process to protect your hands.


4. It is recommended to divide the hair into four or more quadrants.


5. Quickly, apply bleach to reasonably slim parts of the hair from the inside to the outside, from the roots of the hair.


6. Apply a small amount of bleach to the hair near the hair. -Reduce skin irritation.


7. It is not recommended that the bleach stays on the hair for more than 45 minutes.


8. Use plenty of water to wash your hair thoroughly.


9. Use at least two shampoos to clean the bleach residue on your hair.


10. Avoid using conditioner immediately.


11. Get the hair color you want.



In order to achieve the most effective results while maintaining the stability of the hair, pay attention to safety when using it, and only use it on uninjured hair. Care about your hair a little more every day, it will thank you and make you look better.


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