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Skincare: Do You Really Understand Toner ?

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Toner is the most basic skincare product, but do you really understand it?

What is a toner?



Toner is a skincare product that cleans again, moisturizes the skin, and tightens pores.


It removes dirt and oil from pores, shrinks pores, reduces blackheads and acne, and removes oil without irritating your skin. In addition, a toner rich in cucumber or vitamin B5 can also resist skin inflammation, slow down skin redness, and at the same time strengthen moisturizing and ensure skin softness.


How to choose toner?




Dry skin:


The most important thing for dry skin is to moisturize. Choosing a moisturizing, deep moisturizing and long-lasting toner must be the favorite of those with dry skin.


Sensitive skin:


The most fragile sensitive skin needs repair and maintenance. Generally, products with natural ingredients are more preferred when choosing toners.


Combination skin:


The most complicated combination of skin should pay attention

to balance conditioning when choosing toners, so that the skin can reach the perfect state of water and oil balance.


Oily skin:


Oily skin should pay attention to the secondary cleansing function and the effect of shrinking pores and removing acne when choosing lotion for oily skin. Most of the lotion suitable for oily skin also contains ingredients that soften keratin, which can help greasy skin accelerate the removal of aging cells. Makes skin more refreshed.


How does toner work?




1. Convergence.


 shrink the opened pores in time after cleaning.


2. Deep cleansing.


Toner can further remove the dirt in the pores.


3. Moisturizing.


Toner can replenish certain moisture lost and prevent peeling


4. Soothing.


Soothing ingredients can reduce the stimulation of sebaceous glands and prevent the vicious cycle of secretion of oil.


5. Soften cutin.


Promote the metabolism of dead cutin, make pores unobstructed, and facilitate nutrient absorption.







Is moisturizing and moisturizing the same?


Moisturizing and moisturizing are two concepts. Moisturizing only replenishes the moisture of the stratum corneum. It is temporary. The main component of hydrating products is only water. Moisturizing ingredients include glycerin, hyaluronic acid, various amino acids, etc., which lock the moisture on the face. Moisturizing is more important than hydrating.


Why does the skin need to be hydrated?




When the skin's surface layer, namely the stratum corneum, has a moisture content of 20-25% and sufficient water content, the skin will not only be soft and smooth without fine lines but also full of elasticity in the hand. 


However, with age and poor lifestyles, the stratum corneum gradually loses moisture. When the content is less than 10%, the skin will appear dry, with fine lines, tightness, roughness, and scaling. 


Although the surface layer of the skin cannot obtain water directly from the inside of the body, there is a constant flow of water in the bottom dermis of the skin. Therefore, skin hydration is to replenish moisture in the dermis from the source.


Dermal hydration is the first element of skin beautification. Whitening, oil control, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, etc. must be carried out on this basis?


What is the secret of keeping moisture in?


Use toner and lotion together. Toner with a moisturizing effect will quickly evaporate when applied to the face. Only by using lotion on top of the toner can the moisture be sealed in the skin.






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