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When is Thanksgiving?


United States-The fourth Thursday of November is designated as "Thanksgiving Day." The Thanksgiving holiday generally lasts from Thursday to Sunday.


Canada-Thanksgiving Day is the second Monday in October every year.


In addition to the United States and Canada, there are countries in the world such as Egypt and Greece that have their own unique Thanksgiving, but European countries such as Britain and France are insulated from Thanksgiving.


What is the meaning of Thanksgiving?



Thanksgiving is a family holiday. Husbands, wives, children and elderly people from all over the country, between towns, towns, and towns all return to their hometowns to spend their holidays together.


Those who were unable to go home also made long-distance calls to talk with their parents and family members and expressed their gratitude.


Thanksgiving is a joyous celebration, a day for family reunion, and a time to restore friendship. That day, even bachelors were invited to other people’s homes to share the joy of gratitude with everyone and thank God for his support. This is also the meaning of Thanksgiving.


What to do on Thanksgiving?




Eat roast turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry moss jam, sweet potato, and maize

Play cranberry races, corn games, pumpkin races;

Group activities such as fancy dress parades, theater performances or sports competitions are held, and there are corresponding vacations for 2 days. People who are far away will go home to reunite with their relatives.

There are also habits such as exempting turkey and shopping on Black Friday


Special guest for Thanksgiving





Turkey is the traditional main course of Thanksgiving. Usually, turkey is stuffed with various seasonings and mixed foods and then roasted whole. The chicken skin was roasted to dark brown, and the owner cut it into thin slices with a knife. everyone. Then everyone poured their own marinade and sprinkled it with salt. It tastes delicious. In terms of customs, the United States and Canada are basically the same. Eating customs include: roast turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry jam, sweet potatoes, and corn;


What special games are there on Thanksgiving?


Cranberry contest



Place a large bowl of cranberries on the ground, surrounded by 4-10 contestants, each distributes a piece of needle and thread. At the start of the game, they threaded the needle every three minutes and then threaded the cranberries one by one. The long stringer will win the prize. As for the slowest dresser, everyone jokingly gave him the worst prize.


Corn game



First, hide the five corns in the house and let everyone find them separately. The five people who find the corn will participate in the game and the others will watch the game. At the beginning of the game, five people quickly peeled corn kernels into bowls. Whoever peels the corn first can win the prize. Then, people who did not participate in the game will gather around the bowl, guess how many corn kernels are in the bowl, and guess the closest prize. A big pack of popcorn.


Pumpkin game


Contestants use a small spoon to push the pumpkin to run. The rule is not to touch the pumpkin with your hands. The smaller the spoon used in the game, the more interesting the game.


Finally, I want to say


Thanksgiving is not only a carnival but also to thank God and the people who helped us.


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