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Happy Halloween At LIYA!

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LIYA and the friends spent a happy Halloween together! How is your Halloween like? Is it scary or surprising?


LIYA’s Halloween is happy~

Let me share with you Halloween at LIYA!


Part One: Singing Carnival



We went to KTV to sing, and the three-hour singing carnival allowed us to release ourselves in the singing and regain our freedom.

Whether it is classic, popular, or hip-hop style music, there are people who can control it, and everyone is completely high.


Part 2: Food bomb



The girls in the office are always afraid that they can’t eat their favorite fried chicken with less exercise, but I think they can be forgiven for eating them to celebrate the holidays, right?


Various parts of the chicken are gathered on our table, which looks like a delicious feast!

Enjoying the delicious fried chicken with cola is really unforgettable. Now that I think about it, my memory is very clear.


Part Three: Group Activities



We played some popular small games, "Who is the undercover" and "Guess who I am". These games are so fun!


It further pulled in our relationship and made the atmosphere more harmonious. Laughter filled the office, and I felt warmth in my heart.


This time the celebration of Halloween was a complete success! Everyone went home with a smile.

PS: Wearing a mask when going out is safer to keep~


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