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How much do you know about soap?

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What is soap?



The fatty acid salt obtained by saponifying or neutralizing fat, wax, rosin, or fatty acid with alkali can be called soap.

What are the benefits of soap?


1. Strong cleaning ability



Alkaline salt with a pH of 9.5-10, composed of adult fat (mainly vegetable fat) and salt.

The simplest anionic surfactants can be purified by forming soap salts to emulsify skin surface substances.


2. High-cost performance


The price of soap is usually cheaper. Another major advantage is that it is extremely durable.

l Precautions when using soap




Take it easy. Unless time is tight, don't rush to take a shower. Take a moment to make sure you are clean from head to toe.



Use clean towels. Ideally, use a clean towel every time you shower. This prevents the spread of bacteria on the skin.



use soap to clean underarms and personal areas. Instead, wash your hands with plenty of soap and scrub these areas with your hands.



Unless the hand sanitizer is similar to our soapy water and is mild enough to be used on the other end, use a facial cleanser or gel.

The correct way to use soap


1. Prepare.



A. Provide a good rinse for the body to eliminate dust and excess oil on the skin.


Make sure to use warm water instead of warm water spray. Too much hot water may dry the skin and reduce the replacement of soap bars.


B. How to use soap in the shower.


The best way to use soap in the shower (the most common method) is to clean from top to bottom. Once you start using the face and target, the function will decrease.


C. No hands or no hands


Some people like to use towels in the shower, while others like to massage saliva soap directly on the skin. Some people's hands will foam and then scrub. does it matter? No. . Many people say that you will get better soap, plus a towel or loofah. (Towel leakage may increase in the future).


2. Clean the face.




Before washing your face with soap, make sure your face is moistened and rinsed off. Before you start, your hands should be clean and tidy.


Use soap to make high-quality soap and apply it by hand. Perform circular motions for about 30 seconds, and then gently massage it into your skin. Make sure not to scrub too hard to avoid irritating the skin.


3. Start from scratch.



A. One of the best reasons to start at the top and let the body function properly is that you will make sure to flush completely.


B. The less residue left after washing with soap alone, the better.


After cleaning the face and complications, immediately scrub the head, arms, chest, waistline, and up to the legs and feet.


C. Don't ignore the legs and feet, but for those who constantly smell the feet, this is an important tactical error.


D. After actually cleaning the front of the body, press the button backward (at least where it can be easily reached), and then you can also move down to the back of the hips and legs.


E. Wash the foam with clean water


Hope the above information is helpful to you.


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