BioSilk Hair Products Will Soothe Your Dried Out

by:Liya     2020-04-29
Winter is a reckless stylist. Even with a rigorous daily conditioning treatment program in place, maintaining your hair's natural moisture and luster during those dry, cold winter months can prove a difficult uphill battle. Indoor heating dries sensitive hair to the follicle; harsh weather conditions create further damage; even your favorite cozy hats and mufflers can contribute to stifling hair's natural cycles. That's why Biosilk makes products strong enough to rejuvenate tired winter hair, and gentle enough to use every day. Here are some options you'll want to use all year round. Biosilk Volumizing Shampoo 12 OZ Shampoo by Biosilk gently cleans and softens hair from root to tip. With a formula engineered to treat limp, fragile hair with care, Biosilk is a perfect for everyday use. Get high volume and head-turning shine by treating your locks to a Biosilk shampoo. Biosilk Volumizing Conditioner 12 OZ A precision-engineered conditioner for thin hair smooths and adds shine, whenever your mane needs a lift. Infused with Vitamin A and E for strength and volume you can count on. Real silk proteins infuse hair with touchability and natural shine; while wheat proteins in BioSilk's formula seal the deal, fortifying your hair so it can defend itself against natural pollutants and drying agents in the atmosphere. Protect sensitive strands from the damaging effects of the sun with BioSilk's unique UV filtration system. Bring your hair to a whole new level of strength and manageability. BioSilk Thickening Cr?锟絤e 6 OZ Pump up the volume and create noticeable shine with Thickening Cr?锟絤e by BioSilk, an easy-to-apply product that lets you style and smooth your hair in one quick move. Super Light, super firm hold creates touchable hold while taming flyaways, for great style no matter what. BioSilk Thickening Conditioner 12 OZ Engineered with Wheat and Silk proteins to bring hair to its fullest, thickest potential, Thickening Conditioner by BioSilk is designed to leave limp hair feeling softer and healthier immediately after use. To maximize results, shampoo vigorously with BioSilk Thickening Shampoo and follow with Thickening Conditioner. BioSilk Spray Spritz For flexible hold that looks gorgeous and feels so natural, BioSilk Spray Spritz has got you covered. Professional quality, fast drying formula adds shine to hair while swiftly securing great style, so you can focus on your day, instead of your look. And the non-aerosol spritz design is as good for the planet as it is for your 'do. No flaking, no helmet head, just natural movement and dependable hold, all in a convenient size, so you can tote it with you, wherever you go. BioSilk Smoothing Shampoo 34 OZ A trusted shampoo in a high-value size means more bang for your buck! Or in this case, more strength and style for your hair. Unique nutrient cocktails smooth every strand with Vitamin B. A generous dose of humectants bathe distressed cuticles in moisture, repairing damages for a healthier, shiner effect. Bid farewell to frizz and uncomfortable dryness with a vitamin fortified shampoo engineered specifically for softness and shine. BioSilk Smoothing Balm 6 OZ Control flyaways and get gorgeous shine with this innovative styling tool. For straight hair, it provides healthy, continuous luster all day long; plus, it's the perfect sidekick for smooth heat styling. For curly or wavy tresses, a small amount will allow for full days of great definition, bounce and shine. Control frizz and take control of hair's natural oils with smoothing balm. Plus, the earth-friendly non-aerosol container demonstrates an everyday commitment to green living. Good for the environment, good for your stressed hair, good for sleek styling it's win, win, win! BioSilk Filler Leave-In Treatment Return lost moisture to your hair and protect it down to the last strand with this light, effective leave-in treatment. Leave in conditioning treatments are becoming a preferred styling tool among professionals because, unlike stiff hairsprays, they provide flexible control while nourishing hair. Rosewater base provides subtle fragrance. This product is also effective as a light moisturizer for dry skin. Feel the difference with leave in treatments you can really count on. BioSilk Silk Therapy Treatment 12 OZ An intense hair care treatment for normal to dry hair. This moisture replenishment system is gentle enough to use every day, and shows results after the first use. BioSilk's unique formula is built around naturally occurring hydrating agents like botanical extracts and herbs proven to show an enriching effect on human hair and skin. Silk protein penetrates and nourishes each hair form within, ensuring a smoother, healthier overall look and feel. A built in UV filter allows you to enjoy the outdoors without threat of sun damage to even sensitive hair. Bring moisture back to your hair with Biosilk.
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