Finely Fashioned Uniforms for the Savvy Salon

by:Liya     2020-04-04
A stylish staff decked out in exquisitely designed uniform tunics and trousers can add an undeniable ambience of elegance to any beauty venue. Spa and salon workers project an image of sleek, cool competence when attired in uniforms that are flattering, fashionable and in sync with the overall style of the shop itself. Whether being tended to by a stylist neatly dressed in an elegantly designed hairdressing tunic or a nail technician clad in a trendy print with a popping trim, customers notice and appreciate the polished, professional appearance of well-dressed staff. With thoughtful styling and colour choices, salon uniforms can be beautifully tied in to the decor of the shop or spa, creating the sort of chic, sophisticated ambience that makes customers feel pampered, confident and content. Beauty business uniforms today are available in an amazing variety of designs, fabrics and colours, offering a delightful combination of comfort and style. Not only are fashion-forward beauty tunics and trousers flattering and attractive, but finely made, well-fitted garments also keep staff feeling cool, crisp and confident throughout the day. With a vast array of plain or print options available, salon and hairdressing uniforms can be as casually cheerful, fashionably hip or regally elegant as the specific shop or spa requires. Fabric choices of all polyester or various cotton/poly blends are available for comfort, easy care, and a pressed, professional appearance from the moment the door opens for the first customer of the morning right through 'til closing time. Salon tunics, pants and coordinating cardigans come in fashion-savvy styles to fit any sort of salon, from ultra-luxurious spas to cheery neighbourhood shops; and all are easy to fit by using comprehensive, detailed sizing charts. Available salon tunic styles include traditional zip fronts, flattering wrap-around designs and exotic Mandarin collared asymmetrical fits; all guaranteed to allow beauty technicians to project an image of high-styled professionalism. Selection of colours is vast and gorgeous, and sleek combinations of body colour and piping/trim can be selected for a unique, classic look. For shops looking to add a perky print to their hairdressing tunics, bountiful choices include classic checks, cheery stripes and vivid flowers. Trousers are available in a range of styles, from traditional to slim-fitting modern cuts. Cool, contemporary crop length pants offer a classy alternative during the steamy days of summer, while flattering boot-leg fit salon trousers offer an irresistible combination of comfort and sophistication. Most trousers feature convenient side pockets and partially elastic waists, allowing for a stylish, comfy fit. Cardigans in beautifully matching hues add a chic and cosy touch in cooler weather. Some businesses choose to design striking, stylish attire for an entire staff by selecting from among several flattering tunic styles, adding a solid body colour or festive print, and polishing off the look with coordinated piping/trim. One salon uniform style may be selected for all staff, or the colour or style may be varied slightly to allow for a bit of individuality or to indicate different duties. Even custom-made coordinating cardigans are available in every imaginable hue, allowing a completely cohesive staff appearance at every time of year.
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