Help! I Need More Clients for My Hairdressing Business

by:Liya     2020-04-06
This was a question that came up on a recent hairdresser's forum. But it is not just a question of the moment - it's one I must have heard hundreds of times over the past 25 years. 'Guys I need your help! My hairdressing business is so quiet at the moment and I need help to get new business through the door! What do you suggest?' - Rachel Many of the 30 people posting before me had mentioned discounting and some were being unpleasant enough to suggest Rachel was only in the position she found herself right now, because of her previous failings. (Without having a clue about what she had done before and what external issues might have been the cause!) I thought I had something to add to some of the more encouraging comments. 'There are some great ideas and different points of view here. Upfront discounts are ONE great way to attract new clients to your business, but devalue your offer (as well as you margins) if overused. Nobody will ever believe your service is worth A�40 when you are always offering it at 50% Off. Use it as a means to get new clients through the door, but then WOW them with the service and send them through the door feeling like a million dollars. Then, they WILL be back. Yes, there are some people who will hop from one discount to another, but for most women their hair is far too important to 'gamble' on every 6 - 8 weeks. Once they find someone they feel comfortable with, who understands how they like their hair and gives them a great overall 'experience' every time - they are likely to remain a client for many years to come. There are then lots of things you can then do to retain clients and incentivise them to spend more money, more regularly - but I guess that is another question. (Do however look for incentives that are going to ADD VALUE to your client, rather than lowering the price and your income). Another thing that shouldn't be overlooked is the opportunity to maximise your chances of getting found when people are searching online - as they increasingly are. You don't even need a website and it can help your business get found whenever anyone searches for a hairdresser in your location. Creating a 'listing' for your business at Google's Local Business Centre, Google Places, is simple and completely free. Every business should take the time to do it. Rachel, whilst it is possibly true you are living today with the results of your actions 'yesterday' - it is NEVER too late to start working on your results for 'tomorrow'. The fact you are here asking the question, means you have the drive and determination to turn things around. All the very best'
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