Hotel Amenities: Focus on Lip Balm

by:Liya     2020-08-03
When your lips are dry and chapped it is a painful, not to mention unsightly, feeling. Lip balm usually contains beeswax, lanolin, and paraffin wax among many other ingredients. This waxy substance, applied directly to the lips often has some flavoring or scent added to it.
Lips are particularly sensitive to the elements as there is only a small layer of skin covering them. The balm seals in moisture in the lips and protect it from the outside environment. Dry lips are caused by moisture escaping from the lips by dry air, cold temperatures, and wind. Most often when people think of lip balm, they think of Chap Stick, but there are plenty of other manufacturers who make nourishing lip balm as well.
June Jacobs Spa, a leading manufacturer of Spa products as well as hotel amenities makes a delicious lip balm. The June Jacobs Lip Silk Balm is infused with Shea butter, mango, aloe, ceramides, grapefruit and Vitamin E. This natural lip treatments provides instant and continuing relief to dry chapped lips and makes a great addition to any hotel room or Bed and Breakfast suite.
Especially in cold weather climates and ski resorts a lip balm in a guests' room would be greatly appreciated by the patron The June Jacobs, Lip Silk Balm Tube is available in a 1.5oz size and goes perfectly with the other assortment of June Jacobs products. There is a Citrus Shampoo, Citrus Conditioner, Citrus Body Lotion, Grapefruit Bath Gel, Mouthwash, Cucumber Facial Bar, Citrus Bath Bar, Citrus Box Soap Bar, and Cucumber Glycerin Bar as well as a large assortment of auxiliary items such as a Sewing Kit, Vanity Kit, Shower Cap, and Shoe Mitt.
It is the added extras that guests remember, and with an item that guests often forget to pack, such as lip balm, a hotel or Bed and Breakfast that provides it for them is always favorably remembered.

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