How to Heal Dry, Chapped Lips

by:Liya     2020-08-06
Now that the summer has ended, it's time to think about protecting lips as they become exposed to the cold and wind that fall and winter brings.
It's not just the harsh summer sunshine that can damage the sensitive lip area; cold temperatures play a huge role in causing chapped, cracked lips. So it's essential they get the extra protection they need at this time of year, with a deeply moisturizing formula lip balm with an added sun screen too.
Do I have cracked lips?
If you have noticed your lips are especially dry and cracked either in the corner of the mouth or across the lips surface, then you could be suffering from chronic lip chapping or cracking. There are other symptoms too, such as lip skin peeling and even bleeding in some more extreme cases.
You need a product which will soothe and deeply moisturize if your lips are showing any of these tell-tale signs. Applying a daily product will soon help return them to their soft, supple, natural state.
SPF is important in the winter time too
Just because the summer is over, it doesn't mean you should abandon the use of products with a sun protection factor - these are just as important now as UVA and UVB rays are strong year-round. Lips are prone to ageing and burning at all times of the year - even when the sun isn't shining or particularly hot.
Think about skiers and the burns they can get on their face if they don't slap on the sunscreen and lip protector.
Walking outdoors, sailing and other winter sports all expose the face and lips to the harsh elements so keeping a lip balm handy will help lips retain their moisture so they don't dry out and lead to cracking.
Choose a rich lip balm formula
You need to ensure that any product is thick enough to stay put on the lips and not slide off so it has to be reapplied every five minutes. A rich, smooth formula which has real staying-power and gets to work on lips by sinking in immediately is the ideal option.
A healthy diet is good for you and your lips
No amount of lip products will give you the soft, smooth lips you desire unless you're also feeding your body with the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Eating right is the best way to ensure your skin, including the thin layer on your lips, is in tip-top condition. Your skin is your largest organ so it needs looking after. And going easy on things which dehydrate the body, such as alcohol and caffeine, and drinking plenty of water and fresh juices will help to keep it hydrated.
Lips that are over-exposed will never be healthy
Lips that are always exposed to heat and cool, whether outside or inside, will have a hard time maintaining their natural softness and healthy state. It's a good idea to avoid too much time in extreme sunshine and cold temperatures and harsh winds, as well as drying environments indoors caused from excessive air conditioning or central heating. These can all contribute to dehydration, which in turns can lead to, or at least exacerbates, dry, chapped lip conditions.

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