How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

by:Liya     2020-05-01
Our hair: it's our crowning glory, and it comes in so many different types, from fine or flyaway, to think, to curly and all in sorts of colours - some of which are natural, and others are not. But while we all love our hair, it can be very hard to keep it looking healthy in between salon visits, especially if it's has been highlighted or even permed. So, how do we keep it looking good, feeling soft and looking healthy? Don't Over Wash It While a lot of people admit to washing their hair everyday, this can actually be very damaging to their hair and their scalp, as the hair produces natural oils that protect and nourish it, and over washing causes these oils to be washed away. This leaves the hair dry and damaged, so try to wash it once or twice a week. Use the Right Products Because hair comes in so many different types, there are thousands of different shampoos, conditioners and other hair products available, so it's important to know what your hair type is to ensure that your hair is healthy. For example, if you have thin and lifeless hair that lacks body, using a volumising shampoo and conditioner for fine hair will give it a bit of a lift. However, someone with naturally thick hair will have to opt for products that moisturise and detangle their hair, as a volumising product will only magnify the issues they have. If you're unsure of your hair type, then your stylist will be able to advise you on this and what salon products to use on it, if necessary. Don't Overwork It Because hair products are so readily available, it can be tempting to overload your hair with a number of styling products, such as hairspray, mousse, wax, salt spray, and to also use heating products to dry your hair. Exposing your hair to heat and harsh chemicals can actually damage it, and cause split ends, so don't overload your it, only blow dry it once or twice a week, and if you must use other heated hair appliances, then put a leave in conditioner in your it to protect it from further damage. Give Your Hair a Break It's tough work being hair; you're exposed to daily irritations, such as the hairbrush, straighteners, the dryer, gel, wax, mousse, hair spray. So, remember to give your hair a bit of a break once in a while - have a shower and then apply a luxurious moisturising mask, and leave it on for as long as directed before washing it out. This will give your hair some much needed TLC and ensure that it looks good for at least a week. So, if you want to make sure your hair looks good and healthy, speak to your hairdresser, ask them to advise you on which salon hair products to use, and how to care for it if it's looking tired and unhealthy, and remember to give it a treat, such as a hair mask every so often.
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