Promotional Lip Balm and Other Useful Promo Items

by:Liya     2020-08-06
Promotional items are always a great way to get your company out to people. With your logo on various free items, you are getting constant advertising. That is, if they use it. If you get something as common as a promotional pen, it may get lost in the bottom of someone's bag or get thrown out. But if you put your money into useful items that people will use, like promotional lip balm or umbrellas, you'll get way more mileage and possibly some new customers!
Office supplies are always a good place to start. Think outside of the box and focus on bigger, more important things than pens and notepad. It's possible to get mugs, calculators, even tape dispensers with your company logo on them. While it will be more expensive than something smaller, it's going to be items that are used every day. No one is going to toss their free calculator and they'll be seeing your logo every day they use it. If you are a company that works with specifically
If you want something even more useful, consider products that people will use anywhere, not just at the office. As mentioned before, customized lip balm can be a great choice. In the spring and summer, an SPF lip balm with help protect lips from damage from the sun. Fall and winter, medicated balm is perfect for healing dry lips. And customized lip balm can be purchased in various flavors, styles, even with novelty designs that may suit your company well.
Umbrellas are another useful, constantly used item. Everyone has to stay dry in wet weather, right? And not only will it have your logo on it, but you'll come off as a reliable company that 'covers and protects' others, much like the umbrella you are giving away. It's a great example to give off to others that you are trustworthy and there in a pinch.
Don't forget that home items can also be incredibly helpful. Again, just don't go for items that are easy to get lost in the fray of a cluttered kitchen or bedroom. From flashlights to bottle openers, giving something that will be used in someone's house is showing that your company itself can be useful to them as a customer or client. Getting your advertising into someone's home is one of the best moves you can make.
Ordering your promotional lip balm or mugs can be easily done online. If you are having trouble coming up with the best promotional idea, look around at various sites and see what they have available. You may be surprised at just how many useful items there are to choose from.

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