The Advantage of Using Aquage Hair Products

by:Liya     2020-04-26
Now that summer's in full swing, it's time to take advantage of hair products that help you truly get rid of frizz. Even if you've got stick straight hair, chances are, when the temperatures climb up above 80, you're looking at growing a second head of hair each day, made of frizz and frizz alone. Whether you're the kind of gal to throw it up in a top knot and call it a day, or you prefer to rock a high pony or a low braid, frizz can ruin your hairstyle, and with the temperatures of summer headed your way, the best advice is to nip that frizz in the bud. Good haircare starts at the source: and in this case, the source is the shower. Much like your skin, your hair is less likely to be fried and frizzy if and when you've taken good care of it. If you've spent all winter blow-drying and heat styling your locks, chances are, you're going to end up with a frizzy, dry mane come spring and summer. The key? Giving your hair the moisture it needs - without weighing it down. The answer to frizz can be found in Aquage Hair Products. The brand's shampoos, conditioners and products, all of which contain healing sea botanicals, are the perfect answer to helping seal in shine and kick frizz out the back door - forever! Effective hair care begins with good shampoo and conditioner - ones that are customized for your hair type, whether that be long or short, treated or untreated, colored or uncolored. Most product lines contain specific products to fit your hair type, so don't just buy your products blind. If you've always had straight, slightly stringy hair, a volumizing product might work best for you - but that same product won't work for someone who struggles with frizzy, oversized curls on a daily basis. How do you know where to start when there are hundreds of shampoo brands and hundreds of lines to choose from? First, you'll want to narrow down your budget. How much can you afford to spend? Are you looking at drugstore brands or something a bit more luxury-focused? Once you've decided how much your budget will allow, you can start doing your research. Read reviews on beauty sites. Request samples - many brands will send you free samples in hopes of enticing you to buy a full-sized product. Here's our recommendation: start with Aquage - whose products offer the advantage of combining sea and science in a high-quality, professional grade ingredients and advanced hair care technology. Algaeplex Sea botanicals can be found in each and every bottle of Aquage hair care, so no matter what product you choose, you'll find nurturing, hydrating, strengthening and protective qualities, all engineered to give you the frizz-free hair of your dreams. So, where does a girl begin? Frizz-free hair starts in the shower, so you'll want to begin your morning with Aquage's Smoothing Shampoo. This gentle cleanser offers smoothing and moisturizing properties, thanks to infusion of nutrient-rich sea botanicals that are guaranteed to leave curly, frizzy or chemically treated hair silky smooth and shiny, regardless of the weather outside. Aquage's sea botanicals nourish your scalp while smoothing the hair cuticle, preventing frizz right at the start. The line's matching conditioner also helps to smooth the hair cuticle - and it's an unsmooth cuticle that causes frizz in the first place. Well-moisturized hair equals a smooth hair cuticle, and smooth cuticles equal less frizz, so a good smoothing shampoo is an important first step for a frizz-free day. Next, rinse your conditioner for further moisturizing properties, and finish your shower with a blast of cold water. This blast serves to seal in the hair cuticle and seal in whatever moisturizing your conditioner has offered, giving you nice, shiny hair all day long. When it comes to styling, look no further than Aquage's Sea Extend Silk Oil Treatment, an ultra-light leave-in styling treatment that silkens and smoothens while it adds shine to even the coarsest, frizziest hair. This oil is perfect for a variety of hair types; those with thin hair just need a tiny bit while those with thicker hair can use a few more drops. The oil accelerates your drying time by 40%, and seals in your hair color while protecting against heat damage with the line's Thermal-VA� technology. Meanwhile, sea botanicals, argan oil and sweet almond oil give your hair what it needs - a little extra moisture, while sealing in shine and keeping frizz at bay. If you're looking for the perfect line of summer hair products, Aquage is for you - with benefits ranging from extra moisture to touchable strands and locks you can be proud of. Frizz free is within reach with Aquage, so go on and get started.
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